Today in the city Mendota 22.03.2018
Three Things You Must Do On LinkedIn At Least Once A Month

To keep you profile up-to-date and maintain a powerful network you need to go into LinkedIn regularly. Here are three important things to do on LinkedIn every month.

17 black-owned businesses in honor of Black History Month

In 2017, H&M, Dove, and Zara were just a few of the global companies that faced backlash because of racist accusations, marketing, and cultural appropriation. In the midst of all the controversy,...

Hard-drinking newspapermen and tough-talking brutes populate David Mamet's novel 'Chicago'

It’s hard to think of a writer of his generation who has more defined the American male’s perception of himself, for better or worse, than David Mamet. This is perhaps not the best period in our histo...

David Mamet Says He Wrote a Play About Harvey Weinstein

David Mamet said he has written a play about Harvey Weinstein. Mamet mentioned the new script in an interview in the Chicago Tribune. The new work is called “Bitter Wheat,” and there&#8217...

Tritonal Discusses New Single "Out of My Mind," Overcoming Addiction and Anxiety

Electronic music dance duo Tritonal discuss the release of their new single, “Out of My Mind,” their Ten Years of Enhanced tour to celebrate their record label, and their personal stories of overcomin...

How This 28-Year-Old Earned $10K A Month To Travel The World In Luxury

Meet Sorelle Amore, the 28-year-old social media influencer who got paid $10K a month to travel the world in luxury.

The RNC is paying Trump's ex-bodyguard $15,000 a month out of a 'slush fund'

Life after the White House has been kind to Keith Schiller, President Trump's former bodyguard and close confidante. CNBC reported Wednesday that the Republican National Committee is paying Schiller's...

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